Questions & Answers

Where do I get balls to play?
In the park office you’ll be able to ‘check out’ balls anytime. You’ll just leave your ID, and you’ll get your ID back when you return them.

When will the senior leagues play?
There will be leagues that play twice a week — on mornings at 10AM. There will be about 8 players on each ‘team’ — all comprised of our senior citizens in the Palisades. We’re anticipating that this league will be very robust and active right out of the gates… With seniors not only enjoying the bocce — but enjoying ‘lunching’ on the picnic tables as well.

Will there be play at night?
Only until it gets dark. There will be lights inside the rails of the bocce courts, but no one will be playing once it gets dark.

Currently there’s nowhere to really sit in the park. Will there we seating in the new gardens?
Wait until you see what we have cooking! It’s fabulous… It’s a ‘living room in a park…’ Areas where you can be by yourself to relax, or sit with friends, or read, or get acquainted… It’s going to be fantastic.

How are the courts going to be kept up?
We’re using a surface that makes the maintenance of the courts extremely easy. We’ve also budgeted in monies to be able to maintain the gardens looking wonderful for 3 years. The more donations were able to raise, the more we’ll have in an ‘endowment’ for maintenance…

Are you still going to be able to rent out the picnic area for parties?
Absolutely! The only difference now is it’s going to be incredibly nicer! Before the tables were in horrible conditions, the cement is buckling — and you’re staring at the maintenance area. It’s going to be a fabulous place for birthday parties, bocce parties, grandma and grandpa parties… you name it.

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