Creating a town center at the park for our senior citizens.

Our fabulous park has activities that are for and about young families and kids. Baseball diamonds. Tennis courts. Swing sets. Basketball courts.

Creating bocce courts, beautiful picnic areas and a lovely garden area to sit and meet with friends will instantly become a town center for our growing population of senior citizens.


Bocce is on fire!

It’s growing exponentially, all around the country, for every possible age group. Washington DC has a league with 2,500 Generation X and Millennial weekly players.

Waterfront Park (in Martinez, California) has 2,000 weekly league players on their bocce courts. Pittsburgh has 1,500 25-35 year-olds playing in a weekly league. San Rafael Park (in Marin County) has 2,300 bocce players of every age group playing in weekly leagues.

Private clubs, restaurants, parks, affluent homes… All building and creating courts everywhere.


A great sport for the mentally and physically challenged

Bocce is one of the most played and celebrated sports in Special Olympics – and with handicapped children and adults all around the world.

Bocce is a fantastic way for a public park to embrace these fabulous members of our community – with a sport/activity that speaks to them.


Our picnic area is an eye-sore.

Our beloved park is the soul of Pacific Palisades.

The picnic area is front and center – and has worn tables, buckled cement under the tables, and old, nasty grills that were installed who knows when.

The Palisades Bocce Garden tears out this eyesore, creating a bigger picnic area – befitting of the brand and community of Pacific Palisades.


There's nowhere to sit at our park.

Not anymore.

We’re creating a “Living Room in the Park,” where folks of any age can come to these garden areas – and sit at benches and tables that feel like you’re in your own living room.

Comfortable park furniture will be re-imagined to create comfortable settings that encourage conversations and relating with friends.


Leagues will bond the community

If there’s a league at sunset in the spring and summer at 6PM on Thursday nights catering to young married couples — it’s an amazing way for Palisadians to meet each other and create lasting friendships.

Teams will form from various schools and parishes…


Bocce is inclusive.

There’s an old saying in bocce… “It takes 5 minutes to learn, but I lifetime to master.” It’s so true. Anybody, at any age, can instantly pick it up – and be having a great time.

So many parks and private clubs speak to how bocce courts become an incredible activity that grandparents enjoy with their grandchildren – and are on an even playing field!

Weekends, early evenings – will be the home of so many memories of parents and kids, young couples, college kids, grandparents and kids, grandparents and grandkids, you name it…


Bocce is so incredibly social!

That’s the understatement of the century. That’s why it’s caught on so much all around the country.

The league of 5,5000 Millennial players in Washington DC aren’t there to play bocce – they’re there to meet girls and guys their own age! It’s the ideal game because everyone, at any ability level, can play together – can have fun.

And it takes about 2 minutes to understand the rules.

Teenagers love it. College kids love it. Young adults love it. Married couples love it. Baby boomers, senior citizens…. you name it!


Bocce will breed so many events at the park.

The picnic area is currently so bad – events (paying the park fees) are limited.

The minute the new picnic area and neighboring bocce courts are open, events will explode.

Picnic events, by themselves, will exponentially grow – and there will be so many events around playing bocce and having picnics/barbecues.


The only equipment you need is balls!

Baseball requires all kinds of equipment, uniforms, umpires, etc. Tennis requires $150 racquets.

You’ll be able to use the park’s bocce balls for free…

That’s all you need to play. For the snappy players, they’ll bring their own balls!

No special shoes, no uniforms, no umpires required.

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