Bel-Air Bay Club

Bel-Air Bay Club is one of America’s most extraordinary beach clubs in the world, and one of two “Distinguished Emerald Club of the World” recipients.

Seven years ago they built two bocce courts literally 20 feet from the edge of the Pacific Ocean — right below a stunning bar/restaurant lanai in one of the most idyllic settings imaginable.

The results were immediate; leagues sprouted and club events were formed. Today 240 members play bocce every week on Wednesday and Thursday evening leagues — and the biggest social events of the year are the ‘bocce cocktail tournaments/parties.’ Courts are filled all-year around, at all time of the day — by every possible age group.

It’s been a bonanza for bar and restaurant revenues since day-one, and its had immeasurable impact on the price of members (which have tripled) and the culture of the world-class club.


    Private Beach Club

  • JUICE:

    220 weekly bocce league players


    Exponential since year one.

  • AGE:

    7th year since launch of bocce courts.

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