Bocce's Exponential Growth

Bocce's exponential growth.

Bocce is an age-old sport that has been part of the fabric of parks and recreation for many, many decades – and that has never been more vibrant than it is today.

It’s the rage with 25-35 year-olds Generation X and Millennials in bars/clubs around the country — and bocce courts are popping up at parks and at the most celebrated country clubs around the nation.

As an example, at the Rafael Community Park in Marin County, 2,200 players of all ages compete in leagues every week!

In Washington DC, a league hosts 4,600 players at courts in locations around the city. There are similar situations in Dallas, Chicago, Pittsburg and many other cities. At Martinez Park in Northern California, 2,000 weekly play in leagues from the local community. In a park in Key West and many other locations in Florida, it’s not unusual to have 500+ players in weekly leagues.

It’s a sport that every age, from 5 to 95 year-olds can enjoy. Visit bocce courts in parks across the country, and the consistent story is that the courts are the home to leagues that celebrate community — and create memories for a lifetime.