Here are a few specifics about our fabulous project…

This first few images give a scope of the entire Upper Park project. First, an image of the park currently — and then an image of what the park will be… It’s going to be amazing!

New Picnic & Barbecue Area

The old picnic area of buckled cement and dilapidated tables is being reimagined with fabulous picnic furniture — and more tables and barbecues than before. Palisadian families, for the first time, will have a great picnic area to enjoy for birthday parties or family get-togethers. Imagine the senior citizens filling the picnic tables for lunch after bocce league matches. Palisadians will be able to order food from many of the Palisades Village restaurants. Wait till you see the incredible picnic tables we’re looking at!

'Living Rooms in the Park'

We’re really excited about the ‘living rooms in the park.’ There will be five of them — areas separated by landscaping (and the furniture) that create a sense of place. The intention is having furniture that evokes a sense of a living room feel — inviting conversations, places to read, etc.. Each of these living rooms will have a plaque that celebrates one of our service arms. When you’re in a living room in the park, you’ll be invited to order food from one of the many restaurants in town (including Palisades Village). Within minutes, your food will arrive!

Bocce Courts

The second we cut the ribbon on the 3 bocce courts, senior leagues will blossom. Our fastest-growing population of the Palisades, our seniors, will be a part of leagues that will play two late mornings a week — followed by a fabulous lunch they’ll share together at our snappy new picnic tables. It’s going to be incredible!

The courts are will have a synthetic base surface; covered by oyster shell (it’s the best of both worlds). The courts will always roll ‘flat’ — while having the roll and feel of oyster shell courts. And they’ll be practically maintenance free… Courts will also include handicap access — and will be lined with fabulous furniture.

Flagpole & Monument

Here’s a closer look at where the flagpole will be… We haven’t designed specifics around the flagpole base (and flag), but this area is where we’ll celebrate the name “Veterans’ Gardens.” There will be a description on the base monument that will celebrate our veterans — and celebrate our community of the most fabulous people in the world… our Palisadians.

Architectural Design

We’ve partnered with Pamela Burton & Company, an internationally-recognized landscape architecture firm that specializes in integrating the disciplines of art, architecture, and landscape design.

Committed to sustainable landscape design, the firm’s work conveys founder Pamela Burton’s passion for plant materials and the history of landscape architecture in designs informed by a site’s geography, ecology, and history. The Santa Monica-based firm employs 14 professional landscape architects and designers and has completed projects for civic, institutional, commercial, and residential clients across the United States, as well as in Brazil, China, Japan, Taiwan, Bahamas, Korea, Mexico, and Ukraine.

Recent projects include the School of the Arts Plaza for the University of California, Irvine, designed with Maya Lin; the Lumina condominium in San Francisco; the Century luxury residences in Los Angeles; and numerous private residential commissions.

Here are a few of plants we’re considering for Veterans’ Gardens…


Our new fabulous park will be enjoyed by Palisadian generations for many years to come…