My dearest fellow Palisadians,

We’ve all heard the expression, “If you’re rich, you live in Beverly Hills. If you’re famous, you live in Malibu. If you’re lucky, you live in Pacific Palisades.”

It’s like no other place.


Is it because we’re close to the beach? Lots of towns are close to the beach. Is it great dining? I don’t think so. Are our houses better? Nothing real unique about our houses.

Here’s what I think.

Our gathering places.

Our amazing local schools and churches. Here’s what’s unique. They’re for our community. The kids (and the parents) create relationships for life, bonding them to their schools and the Palisades.

Palisades High School is making a huge come-back, with big ‘lifts’ with an amazing ‘town pool’ and our fabulous football stadium.

And we see each other at our local hangs. In days gone by, Morts. Now Café Vida. Or Starbucks.

Our events.
They’re our events. Our Parade isn’t so great because of the fancy bands – it great because of the people that line our town streets. Our neighbors. Our kids. Our friends. Same is true with our Farmer’s Market. Or our 4th of July run. There are lots of runs. But you can’t beat the feeling at that starting line with a sea of Palisadians celebrating life – and celebrating this extraordinary place we share.

There’s one more…

Our beloved town park.

It’s truly the heartbeat of our town.
It’s where we’ve spent the happiest hours with our kids playing baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, on the swings, ‘movie nights’ in the park – you name it.

It truly is our town center. It’s where we gather. Create memories. Build families. Build friendships.

At a time when the world seems to be so divisive and volatile – it makes our hometown an even more cherished part of our lives.

Think about our neighboring towns. They don’t have our town schools. They don’t have our events. They don’t have our town park.

Take those things away – and it starts to look, and feel, and act like a lot of other towns.

We need to protect those treasures.

Our beloved park really needs our help.

When we drive into the park, on the left side – it’s an eyesore.

Many of the largest trees are dying (and diseased) because they haven’t been watered. The dilapidated picnic area is hardly even usable because the cement is horribly buckled beneath the old, dirty, picnic tables. When the picnic area is used, families stare at a storage area filled with open garbage containers, random grocery store carts, and God only knows what else. This large area of our park has more dirt than grass.

It’s surely not befitting of one of the most unique and stunning family communities in our country.

And the one thing we absolutely know for sure, improving our park isn’t on the radar screen of the city – and we are on our own when it comes to needed improvements.

I’m reaching out to you as one of our most respected town leaders to consider being a lead donor – and help us raise contributions for an initiative that celebrates the best of what the Palisades is.

It’s an opportunity to give back to bettering, for generations to come, one of the most precious places in our town.

The American Legion (Post 283) has stepped up with an extraordinary $400,000 matching grant donation that gets us well on our way.

We’re hoping to raise an additional $400,000 from the community so we can not only build this project, but preserve it for our town for years to come.

An incredible team of volunteer Palisadians have held many meetings with LA’s Parks and Recreation Department to get to the place where we’re ready to build something fabulous.
 We’re tearing out the dilapidated picnic area and tables, and we’re screening the storage area from view with spectacular trees and beautiful gardens.

 We’re bringing bocce to Palisadians — a sport that is taking the country by storm. Three fabulous courts that will immediately foster league play for all ages, creating a wonderful, new family-centric activity at the park. The courts will also instantly create an outdoor activity and leagues for the fastest rising age-group in our town – our senior citizens.
 We’re adding a spectacular re-designed picnic area – where Palisadians will be able to have birthday parties, family parties, after-bocce league lunches… you name it. You’ll be able to order food from town restaurants – delivered right to your picnic table. The picnic area alone will re-invent the park.
 We’re creating 5 ‘living rooms in the park’ – incredible picnic venues and fantastic furniture surrounded by gardens that will offer Palisadians the opportunity to meet up with friends, to sit and read a book, to have private picnics…
 We’re naming this area of the park “Veterans’ Gardens,” celebrating the veterans of our community that have protected the privilege of living the American dream.

Final construction drawings will be completed this week by a renowned architectural firm. We’re well on our way, with an exciting “Opening Day” party for the whole town on Memorial Day.

If you have a moment, check out Veterans’ Gardens’ website at

I’ll give you a call in the next few days – and I’m hoping you’ll join me in creating something we can all be very proud of.

With kindest regards,

But there is also a project going on in town that we all own.

It’s a project that will breathe new life into the place that’s always been the ‘heartbeat’ of our town for our kids and for families.

Our Palisades Park.